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Chance of a lifetime... if you are lucky.

Ready to upgrade your clinic and happiness?

The most beautiful clinic in San Diego is about to go up for rent/lease/sale at the end of this calendar year!

Dr. David Ryan (Family Medicine) is retiring and his family owns a custom built clinic in a primo location in Point Loma.  It is in a clean neighborhood a couple blocks from the beautiful San Diego Bay.  The first floor is the clinic parking lot.  Free parking!  The second floor is a clinic with 3 exams rooms including a procedure room and assistant's station.  It is ADA accessible and has an elevator.  The building improvement includes custom professional architectural healthcare design.  Dr. Ryan and his brother an architect also collaborated on the design.  There is a nautical decorative theme including beautiful aquarium.  There are SO many useful features in the clinic including different call buttons for contacting the MA and vice versa.  There is also another 4 room office in the back that could easily be converted to more medical space.  I can honestly say this is the best medical clinic in San Diego!!

The Ryan family is at this point open to possibilities of rent, lease to own, or own.  There are several financial advantages to owning a building.  If you or any doctor you know is interested, please call/text me at 858.229.2883 or E-mail me at so we can set up a time for you to visit the clinic.  I look forward to further collaboration!

Don't miss this chance of a lifetime!


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