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Aerobic or "cardio" exercise gets your heart pumping blood throughout your circulatory system.  The lymphatic system uses the contraction of muscles as a pump and plays an important role in the immune system with lymph nodes dispersed through the body as first line of defense against infection, tumor, and disease to fight, repair, and revitalize.   Aerobic and strength exercises together flood nutrients in and wash toxins out, working synergistically.



2.5 - 5+ hours per week at moderate intensity
Moderate Exercise
brisk walking / recreational swimming / doubles tennis / yoga / general yard work / water aerobics / bicycling flat
Vigorous Exercise
jog / run / swim laps / bicycling hills/fast / singles tennis / vigorous dancing / heavy yard work such as digging / hiking uphill / jumping rope / kickboxing / basketball
all major muscle groups >=2x per week
butt (gluteus) / back of thigh hamstrings / front of thigh (quadriceps) / back / chest / abdomen / front upper arm (biceps) / back upp arm (triceps) / calves (gastrocnemius) 
Example: 5 minute yoga video bottom of this page

Have pain; don't train.
Exercise within you
r comfort zone and do what feels good.


You are not only what you eat; you are also what you do.

Recommended physical activity and all cause and cause specific mortality in US adults: prospective cohort study, BMJ 2020

Exercise (combined aerobic + strength) reduces all-cause mortality by 42%.

"If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed."

~ Mark Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD neuro- muscular/metabolic physician scientist

vigorous exercise counts as double the minutes of moderate exercise

60 minutes brisk walking 5x per week = 30 minutes of running 5x per week

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