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EAR: do not put cotton swabs (e.g. Q-tips) in the ear canal

Cotton swabs stimulate wax and pack it against ear drum.  Wax is natural anti-infective.  Dab outside of ear canal with tissue then allow rest to air dry.  There is a warning on your cotton swab box telling you not to use it in the ear canal.  It may damage your ear drum and hearing and cause tinnitus or vertigo.  Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear.  For more information:

DENTAL: brush twice daily, use mouthwash at bedtime

Listerine Night Reset

Consult dentist for special circumstances.


Limit: smoking, gum, caffeine, alcohol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, fat, stress, spicy, milk, chocolate, carbonation

Eating habits: eat 3-6x daily, eat upright and stay upright for 1 hour, chew carefully, cut food into small pieces, drink liquids to dilute food bolus, eat slowly, lubricate with sauces, small bites

SHOES: use ergonomic shoes for your daily routine

From a medical standpoint, your shoe is the most important past of your outfit and the part that most touches the earth. It is important to protect your joints and body with good cushion. However, while flip-flops are fine inside the home, outside the home they can put subtle repetitive strain on the body to keep them on your feet. For best results your usual and every day shoe should be well-cushioned and secure on your feet so you are strapped in. Invest on good shoes.

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VERTIGO: might be a stroke so don't do this maneuver unless a doctor 

Epley maneuver (inner ear stone repositioning) twice daily and stay upright 4 hours


INFANT SLEEP: Happiest Baby on the Block

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